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Montenegro Geographical Position
The territory of Montenegro stretches from the east border of Hercegovina across the high mountains of Durmitor, Pivska, Bjelasica and Ljubisnja, extending to the edges of Volujak and Zelengora Mounts in the north, Prokletije in the south-west, and edning with the picturesque coastal area of the Adriatic Sea.
Montenegro is country of a long and rich history.
The earliest inhabitants of Montenegro were the Ilirian people whose great Labeat clan lived on the territory of Montenegro and northern Albania.The prominent family clan during the Roman period was the Docleat while the 7th century was marked by the arrival of the Slavs who inhabited the Byzantine province of Prevalitana and eventually destroyed Declea.This region became known as Duklja(Dolcea) from the 11th century, yet, a lot of people began to refer to it as Zeta...
"South from Hercegovina, east from Dalmatia, north from Albania and west from Turkey lies a small country, tucked among the bigh rocky bills in the summer, and in the winter - bidden under the beavy snow cover. This country is Montenegro. The name is Italian denoting "Black Mountain". Crna Gora is the name of this country in the language of its people, and the people are called Crnogorci or "the sons of the black mountains". Montenegro, unknown and strange at the time, attracted the interest of many explorers from all over Europe who came there as into a land "extremely dangerous and barbarian" and left it enchanted by its landscapes and people, especially their heartfelt hospitality extendet to every wellintended traveller and visitor.
Welcome to the country of exceptional natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, a long history and nice and hospitable people. "The woman is sacred in Montenegro, but so is the traveller" - recoreded the franch writer and researcher Cyprien robert in the 19th century, during his travels through Montenegro. Montenegri is good choise for all those who appreciate and enjoy intact nature of immens diversity and contrast.
A visit to Montenegro is an encounter with genuine beauty, equally attractive throughout the 190 km of air distance over three regions from its most southern point to its northern corner: the Montenegrin coastline stretching along 293 km, the central karst with plains:Zeta, Bjelopavlici, Niksicko field, and the northern highlands carved with deep river canyons of the Tara, Piva, Komarnica, Moraca, Lim and Cehotina